Persistent and Nasty - Have Your Say

Fri 14 December 2018

Persistent and Nasty

It has been almost one year since Persistent and Nasty launched, with the goal to amplify the voices of cis and trans women and other marginalised groups, in the theatre and film industry. Our core principle is that it matters what stories we tell. Stories are empathy machines. Films, television shows, and plays are considered successful when they make us feel. Across thousands of years of western culture we have been relentlessly repeating stories that revolve around men. Our greatest challenge is not changing law or policy, it’s changing the stories we tell and, by extension, our understanding of ourselves. Persistent and Nasty is not one singular voice, it needs to represent us all. With that in mind, we want to round off the year with a sharing event. A safe, open, space where all members of the theatre and film community are invited to join us to share their thoughts, concerns, frustrations and successes. It’s also an opportunity to provide us with feedback on how we can use this modest platform we’ve established to do better. What can we do to represent you and create more diverse opportunities? Constructive criticism welcome. And since it’s technically almost our Birthday (and Christmas) we will be having a little glass of wine and some socialising. This sharing is free to attend but will require an RSVP via Event Brite. For more information or, if you can’t make it, and would like to contribute some thoughts / questions to the discussion, email




7pm, Free but ticketed, Theatre
Book Online / 0141 352 4900