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Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Phreaking Gender

Tue 26 September — Thu 28 September 2023

SDH captioning

SDH captioning

Torso of a trans masculine person applying T-gel on their hairy belly.

Phreaking Gender

PHREAKING GENDER expands the themes of Nicole O'Reilly's titular documentary into an installation art show. O'Reilly teams up with Luke 'Luca' Cockayne to create a space for all to explore their relationship to gender and the ways that art can support and enhance The Transgender Experience™. In the face of oppressive paternalistic medical systems that deny trans people bodily autonomy, and at a time when our very existence is threatened, PHREAKING GENDER provides a techno-anarchist manifesto, showing that self-augmentation and the creation of radical queer communities is not just a necessity for wellbeing, but as an act of empowerment and rebellion in itself.

Work by Nicole O’Reilly & Luke 'Luca' Cockayne.

Content Warnings:

- Discussion of gender dysphoria, suicide, familial abuse;

- Depiction of nudity, needles, kinky activities, sexual content, drug use, transphobia, body fluids.

Access Notes:

- Strobbing light.

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Creative Lab


3:00pm — 9:00pm




Free and unticketed


SDH captioning

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Additional info:

Artists: Nicole O’Reilly & Luke 'Luca' Cockayne, United Kingdom, N/C 18+, English Audio