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Political Animal BarCamp

Sat 22 June 2019

Political Animal Bar Camp

To close Political Animal - following the tequio assembly led by artist Daniel Godinez-Nivon and a lunch break - everybody is invited to an open, participatory workshop event called BarCamp.

BarCamp is intended to be an intense event with discussions, presentations, readings and interactions. It is open to anyone who would like to discuss Political Animal further, present their own work on the different themes addressed by the three-day event, or just converse with other attendees or participants. Unlike the traditional conference format, BarCamps have a self-organising character, relying on the passion and responsibility of the participants.

Some of the confirmed participants are curator Camilla Crosta, Glasgow-based Brazilan artist Gustavo Ferro, Palestinian performance artist Maiada Aboud and researcher Michael Kordas, among others.

The Bar Camp will be followed at 6.30pm by the launch of a special publication of The Drouth, Glasgow’s very own literary review founded by Johnny Rodger and Mitch Miller.


Political Animal is a three-day event taking place from 20 June to 22 June 2019. Through a series of conversations, talks and workshops, the panelists - a diversity of academics, artists, writers, musicians and activists - will explore the phenomenon of the contemporary city, how to write it, curate it, perform it and (re)build it through various themes ranging from art to law.

Viviana and Johnny would like to thank everyone who has been working on Political Animal these past years: Anika Marschall (PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow and member of the Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network), Melanie Holstein, Eva Hoogkamer, Maria Mkrtycheva and Sabrina Henry for curatorial assistance, Raphaelle Senna for communications assistance and Colin Raeburn for the graphic design of the booklet.

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2pm - 5pm, Free but ticketed // Assembly Hall at Glasgow School of Art
All ages
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