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Present Futures

Fri 7 June — Sun 9 June 2019


Following on from Fictional Matters 2016, and Present Futures Berlin (Feb 2019), Present Futures Glasgow (June 2019) is the third edition of a multi - disciplinary art event curated by Colette Sadler highlighting Scottish and International artists whose work operates between performance, film, sculpture and sound.

The 2019 Glasgow edition will run over two days considering speculative futures thinking through human / non-human relationships as well as the post human and its influence and representation in a society increasingly mediated by technology. It seeks to create a platform for exchange and discussion on the expanded notion of choreography and performance with and beyond bodies.

Present Futures is supported by Creative Scotland, The Work Room, Goethe institute Glasgow and GoMA /Glasgow Life.

Produced by Feral Arts.

Curatorial advice and assistance: Nefeli Skarmea.

Events at GoMA Include:

Colette Sadler and Mikko Gaestel
BODY A - Installation
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June
11am – 4.30pm (Durational)
GOMA, Gallery 1

BODY A is a video installation by Colette Sadler and Mikko Gaestel. A solitary monolithic object sifts through relics of the human, its gestures, imagesand artefacts. Fleshless, desireless, deathless this algorithmic agency speculates from the perspective of future otherness.

…….scavenge xxxxx for the valuable assets of an obselete system…….. me me me me me
loss loss losses es es es esses sssssss Understand anything. There are leakages ages.
drift dark collapsing plethora singing change back to folding into themselves, Be to me more like echo……

Colette Sadler
TEMPORARY STORE - Relic 1 “Pointing” Performance
Saturday 8th June
1pm and 3pm
GOMA Gallery 3

Relic 1 “Pointing” is taken from the dance work TEMPORARY STORE by Colette Sadler. Re contextualised as a “pop - up” performance for GOMA. Here the body is found within the exhibition space excavating human gesture in an endless loop.

Temporary Store: A performance by Colette Sadler

Temporary Store searches for the choreographic interface between virtual and physical reality. In a futuristic place of transit that could be anything from a pop-up store to a museum, timeless adverts are flickering across the walls for a fictional company “”. Post-human bodies are move to immersive acoustic music and are frequently wound back and regenerated like robots. As archives, they are traveling through a digital time and space, passing through an infinite loop of virtuosic movement patterns that seem familiar and alien at the same time.

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