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Present Futures Florence Peake and Eve Stainton | Slug Horizons

Fri 7 June 2019

Slug Horizons

Slug Horizons is a duet between Stainton and Peake using the intimacy of their lesbian poly-amorous relationship as the subject of their work.

Slug Horizons explores the expressive poten-tialities of queer bodies through intimacy, touch and collective reclaiming. Promoting an emotional landscape of bravery in response to restrictive attitudes to the sensual and visceral body, ‘Slug Ho-rizons' elevates the marginalised affection, sexuality, power and energies within nonnormative relationships.

Our research into slugs (terrestrial gastropod molluscs) looks at, their life, qualities, physiology, mating habits. We are thinking of how the slug, gynandrous and self reproducing, can be a visuali-sation for a continuously evolving queer future, and how its viscerality and generation of mucus for survival can inform and interrogate essentialist views of the vagina, the erotic female, lesbianism, what is meant by ‘fluidity’ in sexual queer aesthetics. Set in an immersive environment; a multi-textured floor of polyurethane, vinyl and neoprene collages of vaginas and ceramic sculptures. Us-ing a palette associated with sunsets/sunrises. Latex sacks holding home made lube hang from chains from the ceiling.

Explicit content and nudity.

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7:30pm, £11 (£7) + £1 booking fee, Theatre
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