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Journey to the East Festival

Pyramid Party / A Dose of Pleasure | Alvin Collantes & Ben Okamoto

Fri 22 September 2023

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

An Asian drag queen in a green dress and black sleeve-length gloves raises a microphone and hands in the air.

Image credit: Luisa Orduno

JOURNEY TO THE EAST (JTTE) - Scotland’s premiere performance art and contemporary culture festival which centres queer, PoC and East Asian artists and artforms - returns to Glasgow from 22-30 September!

JTTE Friday opening night live performances features a live art participatory dance-floor meditation ceremony from Berlin-based duo, Alvin Collantes and Ben Okamoto. Take flight and come together as one as the bodies move. Celebrate the divinity of drag. Reflect the elements into another's eyes and take a dose of pleasure as you swim in the sounds of love with guided dance-floor meditation, techno music, sound bath, kundalini activation and drag queens.

Friday schedule

Festival Launch and Keynote Lecture | Matt Mullican

6pm | 1hr | Artist Lecture | CCA Clubroom

JTTE Screening | Various Artists

6pm | All Evening | Film Screening | CCA Cinema

PYRAMID PARTY / A DOSE OF PLEASURE | Alvin Collantes and Ben Okamoto

7pm | 2.5hrs | Performance | CCA Theatre

Yousuke Yukimatsu Live | ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U

9:30pm | 3.5hrs | Performance | CCA Theatre

JTTE Festival Lineup 2023


Matt Mullican

Keioui Keijaun Thomas

River Lin

Sung Im Her

Alvin Collantes & Ben Okamoto

Jian Yi

Elisabeth Gunawan


Apichatpong Weerasethakul

... & more to be announced!

JTTE festival events are 18+ and may contain coarse language, adult themes, nudity and/or flashing lights. Artist conversations and lecture series may have limited capacity for ticket holders and will be available for entry on a first come / first served basis - with a live captioned video link available outside the room for viewing the talks otherwise. Festival pass offers access subject to capacity to all events at all venues, except for the 2 artist workshops (ticketed separately). Individual venue passes offers access subject to capacity to venue events at one location, except for the 2 artist workshops (ticketed separately).

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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available