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Queer + Trans* Art Sector Meeting

Mon 1 July 2019

Still 4 Egan sgrf

In the light of an increase of homophobic and transphobic assaults, abuse and violence across Britain, CCA hosts a Queer + Trans* Art Sector meeting, one of ten such gatherings taking place across the UK on 1 July.

The meeting will be a space in which the queer and trans* art sector can gather, talk and find ways of collaborating to address the violence the community is now facing.


Scottee & Friends Ltd are an arts organisation that create work across lots of different contexts and art forms across the UK. Their work is often about marginalisation and in response to increasing public abuse towards the LGBTQIA+ community are putting resources to 10 national meetings for collective thought, activism and agenda.




7pm - 9pm, Free but ticketed / Clubroom
All ages
Please RSVP to book your place