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Question Session Panels

Fri 23 March 2018

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11.20 - 12.10
Understanding the importance of music publishing - MCPS and EPM Music (publishing).
This session will discuss music publishing and how it has developed over the past three decades.

13.00 - 13.50
How important is radio, TV and press to the promotional campaign? - BBC Radio Scotland, Prescription PR and Tenement TV.
This session will discuss the importance of radio and TV to the success of an artist. It will examine how the promotional campaigns have changed over the last ten years.

14.50 - 15.40
The importance of representation - Musicians Union, All Night Artists and Music Management Forum.
Why is it important for artists to be represented by a trade union? What is a manager’s role and why is important for artists to have one? Why is the MMF so important to the industry?

18.00 - 18.50
What financial support is there for musicians and musical projects? - Creative Scotland, Help Musicians UK, Pledge and PRS for Music Foundation.
What successful projects have been funded recently?

20.00 - 21.00
Adapting to change. What will happen next? - EPM Music (distribution), Kontraband Merchandising Sub Pop Records and Braw Gigs.
This session will investigate and discuss how the recording and live industries have been effected by technology advancements.

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