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Question Session Workshops

Fri 23 March 2018

Questionsesssion Workshops oml2

11.20 - 12.50
An introduction to radio presenting - BBC Radio Scotland

13.00 - 18.00
How to create an artist's electronic press kit
In association with Become One Music, this will be a session with four interactive workshops delivered by industry practitioners. The overarching theme of these sessions will be to construct a press kit for one of Become One Music's signed artists. These engaging workshops will give attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, apply them in an industry context and have their work actually utilised in a real life industry scenario. The function and contents of a press kit will ultimately be explored, allowing each workshop to contribute to the content. The workshops will address branding and imagery, band interviews and video material, band press shots and how to formulate a press release.

Workshop A - Capture the image with Euan Robertson
Learn how to take a professional photograph of an artist for an electronic press kit.

Workshop B - The branding concept with Scott Alex Watson
Learn how to build an artist's brand for Become One Music Records.

Workshop C - The importance of video content with Wavvy Music
Learn how to create video content for a promotional campaign.

Workshop D - Creating the press kit with Jonas Stone
Learn how to construct a press kit with press release and other materials for a promotional campaign.

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