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Radiophrenia Live-to-Air: Alice Kemp/Barroso-Luque & Wennborg/Cos & White

Sat 12 February 2022

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A canister of refridgerant gas in the centre, surrounded by multi-coloured kaleidoscopic reiterations of the canister.

Radiophrenia / Barrosos Luque-Wennborg

Alice Kemp - untitled

Alice Kemp explores an idiosyncratic praxis comprising experimental music, audio composition, public/private performance, installation, drawing, writing, and object making. Her cryptic yet coherent work is informed by states of subtle trance, dream and disturbance, evolving a private mythology through stillness, boundaries and aural stimuli. She has presented live art and released audio/musical works internationally. Kemp is a Schimpfluch affiliate and human ex-voto, living and working in Devon, England.

Catalina Barroso-Luque & Feronia Wennborg – R-22.2

The story follows Refrigerant Gas 22 as they make their way through the distinct environments in a fridge cooling system. R-22 is one and many, embodying both dark and jovial aspects of individual and collective existence. The basis for this domestic sci-fi tale was produced in quarantine using home recordings, noises, voices, and interactions with everyday objects. Originally commissioned as a sound piece for Wysing Broadcast, the story takes new multidimensional form as a performance for Radiophrenia.

Catalina Barroso-Luque is a Mexican artist who constructs narratives, makes images and hosts intimate events. Writing is at the heart of her practice and relies on techniques of performativity and vocality, alongside processes of disassembly, reassembly, and translation.

Feronia Wennborg is an artist, musician and arts programmer based in Glasgow, working interdisciplinary with a focus on sound. Her work collects traces of intimacy and friendship through processes of recording, transcription and digital transformation. She often works in close collaboration with others and is part of the music duo soft tissue together with Simon Weins.

Teresa Cos & Tom White – ”SEELONCE”

A live audio-visual collaborative work for radio and video stream. The piece explores the possibilities of topographic extremes of listening, the precariousness of communication and sonic-cinematic tropes. The live performance will be instructed by a graphic score, punctuated by a musical theme manipulated throughout, combined with Improvisational and concrète elements imagining the soundtrack to an undetermined car journey reaching the end of the radio signal.

Teresa Cos is an artist exploring the processes of memory and repetition underlying history, society and human psychology, similarly to those inherent to sound and image composition. Her interdisciplinary practice encompasses film, video and sound installation, visual scoring, experimental music composition and performance.

Tom White is a London-based artist focusing predominantly on sound-based practices such as live performance, installation, recordings, composition for dance and film. He is interested in the physicality and phenomena of sound; how it can be felt by the body and experienced in architectural space.

Commissioned as part of Radiophrenia’s two week long radio broadcasts, brought to you live from their studio at CCA Glasgow. Funded through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding.

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Wheelchair accessible

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