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From Here a Home Was Imagined

Reality Fragments 160921

Thu 9 December — Thu 16 December 2021

SDH captioning

SDH captioning

Images are superimposed on a blue background. The central image features two people playing a computer game on a screen.

Reality Fragments 160921

For this second instalment of From Here a Home Was Imagined, Qigemu's Reality Fragments 160921 will screen on Annex between 9 - 16 Dec alongside an interview with the artists. Collecting footage the artists shot from a summer they spent together, Reality Fragments 160921 is a docu-fiction which reflects on the validity of memory, yearning and the negotiation of distance in their relationship. Written and edited remotely through Skype between Los Angeles and Stockholm, the film incorporates its own material production alongside mythology to enact a deeply intimate yet generous form of self-representation. The film is captioned in both English and Mandarin.

In an interview with Associate Film Programmer Donald Butler, the artists discuss the film as a form of souvenir keeping or archiving for their future selves. They also discuss the importance of representing non-binary relationships in contemporary art, particularly by people of colour and how queer world building allows for this sharing.

From Here a Home Was Imagined

From Here a Home Was Imagined is a programme of artist moving image works which circles around nostalgia, narratives of memorial, mediation and feelings of disappointment within Queer discourse. Across October, November and December, From Here a Home Was Imagined, will develop as a collection of enquiries into how artists relate to Queer mediation and its deployment within heteronormative conditions. Supported by newly commissioned texts, audio works and recorded conversations with artists, these materials are shared as a meandering towards articulation, evidencing an ambiguity within contemporary Queer discourse.

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