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Transfer North residency Liva Dudareva

Thu 22 September — Fri 14 October 2016

Transfer North Residency

TRANSFER NORTH is a knowledge transfer network for independent/institutional curators, artists and art critics in the contemporary art field in the European North, that focuses on specific experiences related to the artistic, cultural and environmental challenges of the high north region.

The network will organize study trips, workshops and residencies for network members, as well as other curators and art critics from the Nordic and Baltic countries, UK and Russia.

TRANSFER NORTH builds on the specific experiences related to the artistic, cultural and environmental challenges and the opportunities in the northern areas of Nordic countries and Russia.

The High North is a region of considerable geopolitical interest, in terms of energy, natural resources, environmental challenges and safety. Climate change is making the natural resources of the region – gas, oil, minerals and fish more accessible. As a consequence, the geopolitical interests of major countries are also turning to the north.

The northern regions have vital local art scenes. We will establish new collaborative mobility programs for curators both from the organizations in the network, and others.

The main objective of the TRANSFER NORTH is to create platforms for knowledge and experience exchange and strengthen connections between art professionals in the northern parts of Norway, Finland, Sweden, as well as Lithuania, UK and Russia, and other northern European regions.


METASITU works with developing strategies for the future, that range from the inhabitation and programming of the territory, urban development, evolution of technology or new social phenomena, as well as resource distribution.

During the residency at CCA METASITU will study the border condition, departing from the territorial settings of Far North and East. The borderlands as catalysts, not peripheries. The borderlands as shifting gravity centers of the World.