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Romany Dear

Dancing in a circle is a reminder that we are part of the whole

Fri 30 January — Sun 15 March 2015

Glasgow Open Dance School

Dancing in a circle is a reminder that we are part of the whole gives an early overview on the collaborative and individual practice of artist and choreographer Romany Dear.

The show is structured in three segments. The first concentrates on the collaborative series of workshops that make up Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S). Founded by Julia Scott, Ashanti Harris and Romany Dear, G.O.D.S attempts to de-intellectualise knowledge of movement by actively seeking participation. Through free workshops, resource spaces and gatherings, G.O.D.S is a school where everyone can learn something from anyone. Everybody is a dancer!

The second segment moves between shared and individual work as the exhibition renews, rehearses and represents existing ideas and performances. A series of live works are brought into the CCA galleries, touching upon Romany’s ongoing explorations around gender, athletics, communication and rhythm, marking both a physical and mental opportunity to experience her efforts. This also considers the motives of making work and shows the conditions in which this might happen.

As a third segment within the exhibition, the registration and documentation of these movements provide a reflexive act to analyse. Constructing dialogues and conversations with the work and with those involved, Romany attempts to offer an understanding into what we see. Revisiting, regenerating and rehearsing are forms used to trigger historical approaches, offering them as possibilities to think through the time of now. How do we want to talk about occupying a space and how do we show traces of movements that are not physical?

The circle becomes almost an ultimate form of democracy demonstrating movement between individuals and communities. It can, though, easily be sacrificed, revealing its fragility. When that happens, traces of what originally constructed this circle become visible, making not only a case for understanding its process, but for considering what such a place means to a dancer, an artist, a participant and a viewer.

Thanks to all the dancers involved in creating and performing these works: Justyna Ataman, Daniela Corda, Melanie Forbes Broomes, Ashanti Harris, Zephyr Liddell, Casey O’Connel, Cassie Oji and Julia Scott.

A schedule of performances and reading groups will accompany the exhibition:

1pm - Ballers; 5pm - Solo Variations
1pm - Solo Variations; 5pm - When I Move You Move
1pm - When I Move You Move; 5pm - Ballers
1pm - Ballers; 5pm - Solo Variations

Events in the G.O.D.S resource room include a weekly reading group from 6pm – 8pm every Thursday.

Free but ticketed workshops:

Sun 8 February: Body-Mind Centering® Workshop with Katy Dymoke, 1.30pm
Sun 22 February: Work- workshop- workshop- work with Romany Dear & Joshua Duncan, 1.30pm
Sun 15 March: Afro Fusion Workshop with Nandi Bhebhe, 1.30pm




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