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Rosina Bonsu | Other

Wed 26 June 2019

"Who are we? Where do we belong? How we are identified and how does that match with our own sense of self?

Other is a new work by dance artist Rosina Bonsu, derived from stories of people moving between countries and states, and how they have been received, and the lives of children born in refugee camps with no national identity.

Though exploration, migration, and movement is a fundamental human characteristic, Western societies have an ambiguous attitude, ranging from encouraging citizens to move to other territories, inviting immigration as a means of building the labour force, resisting the movement of people, and vilifying those who seek to enter their countries, creating stigmatised communities.

Other expresses at its core the impact of the experience of rootlessness, being the ‘other’, of attempting to enter a new environment, or being part of a group which may be deemed socially, politically or culturally ‘outside’.

In this workshop, Rosina Bonsu asks participants to explore the creative use of movement and physicality as a ‘geography’. By turning the body into a landscape, we experience anew the boundaries and barriers that separate and unite us."

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Part of Refugee Festival 2019 #




6pm–9pm, Free but ticketed, Clubroom // All ages
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