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Scalarama Press/Marketing + Design

Sun 30 June 2019


Scalarama is a DIY celebration of cinema that takes place every September. Inspired by the eclectic programming of the legendary Scala Cinema, groups and individuals with a passion for movies unite to celebrate cinema and encourage watching films together.

In 2019, Scalarama Glasgow hosts monthly workshops with expert guests, exploring every aspect of screening films. These meetings are open to everyone, from complete beginners to old hands, with a view to hosting a film screening this September.

This month, presentations on Press/Marketing from Julie Cathcart (Communications Manager, CCA) + Design from Marc Baines (GSA) - bring all your questions/ideas!

This is the last meeting before CCA's brochure deadline on 01/07 and Scalarama's print deadline on 13/07.

Travel bursaries are available to make it easier to attend. Email for details.

Our 2019 schedule:

17/03 | Programming + Licensing
24/04 | Funding/development + Building Audiences
26/05 | Technical set-up + Venues
30/06 | Press/marketing + Poster/design
21/07 | Accessibility + Social Media
10/08 | Programme launch
September | Scalarama 2019

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