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School for Civic Imagination
Bauhaus Imaginista: Workshop and Lecture

Thu 23 May 2019

Can we reimagine the active relationships between arts, culture, design and society for our time? As a recent exhibition in Berlin shows, the impulse to radicalise that relationship and rethink art education had a long pedigree in the twentieth century. The Bauhaus is traditionally viewed as creating alternative pedagogies in relation to art. To what extent was that actually true, and to what extent can we still see it that way? What new pedagogical strategies are needed and how do we create them adapted to the institutions and practices of contemporary life? Bauhaus Day brings Grant Watson (co-curator of Bauhaus Imaginista, Berlin) to CCA and Glasgow School of Art, and through discussion and a series of studio workshops we will examine these questions.

With a full experience of practice and an eye cast backwards to the achievements of the Bauhaus and forwards to future models, studio staff will lead workshops all afternoon.

12.30pm: Grant Watson Introduction – Alternative Pedagogies – learning from the Bauhaus
2-4pm: Typography with Jo Petty
4-5pm: Colour with Robert Mantho
2-5pm: Working in Stone with Thom Simmons
2-5pm: Stained Glass with tbc