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POZAproject Score Lines

Sun 15 September 2019

Birds Bubbles

A group of dancers and musicians present the results of one day of research into 'scoring'. The group will meet for one day and investigate scoring time, space, movement, costumes etc, culminating in the evening's performance. The event constitutes a short burst of research on creating rules, inventing parameters, and imagining frames that can free the performers as creators and provide the (play)ground for creative adventures. There is no pre-existing plan or vision, there is no idea or theme…. the score, the structure, the 'skeleton' will allow the artists to speak from who they are and from the moment.

Please join us to observe a group of dance artists and musicians who have never worked before in this constellation sharing 1 hour of time and 1 space.

Dance Artists:
Iraya Noble
Srik Narayanan
Monica De Ioanni
Bridie Gane
Aniela Piasecka
Aby Watson
Deborah Oliveira
Monika Smekot
Nina Enemark




6pm - 7pm, Free (unticketed), Theatre
All ages
0141 352 4900