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Scottish Animation: Abstraction & Experimentation

Tue 20 November 2018


Curated for Anim18 - a UK-wide celebration of British animation - by Ross Hogg, this programme stretches back nearly forty years to showcase Scottish animations that play with the form and structure of filmmaking. Story is not the driving force. Instead, we are treated to a series of visual delights where subtlety can be just as effective as the lushest of imagery. With the focus on the more visceral aspects of filmmaking - movement, timing, colour and sound - we see how filmmakers such as Margaret Tait, Donald Holwill, Lesley Keen, Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson handle an oblique and abstract approach to animation.




7:30pm, £4 (£2.50), Cinema
12+ / F-rated
Book Online / 0141 352 4900