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Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival
Vivian, Vivian w/ Waterfall

Fri 13 October 2017

An intimate cinematic poem, Vivian, Vivian is director Ingrid Kamerling’s attempt to understand what her sister went through in the months leading up to her suicide. Blending reality and imagination, past and present, factual interviews and abstract images, this experimental and affecting documentary examines what moves people at their deepest core. Preceded by Waterfall (UK, 2016, 19m), Tom Lock Griffiths’ essay film in which memory and grief are shown to be embedded in a resonant landscape.

Vivian, Vivian: UK Premiere dir. Ingrid Kamerling | Netherlands | 2016 | 54m | Documentary / Screening in Dutch with English subtitles

This film is F-rated. Films are given an F-rating if directed by women, written by women and/or present significant female characters on screen, in their own right. f-rated.org.