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Scottish Writers' Centre Nature Writing Beyond Landscape: Writing the World Around Us

Tue 13 March 2018

Nature Writing Beyond Landscape: Writing the World Around Us

This two-part workshop will first discuss a selection of different definitions of nature, the environment, and our surroundings, in terms of what constitutes a world. These ideas will flow into an auto-writing session during which participants will create a piece of new writing. In the second half, we’ll be taking a closer look at the work in terms of different forms, structure, and tone. The aim is to respond directly to ecological themes, and to explore ecological thought through writing beyond landscape.

Spaces for this event are limited, so if you would like to book a place please contact us at

Loll Junggeburth studies English Literature at the University of Glasgow and is founding editor of RAUM poetry magazine. Her academic and creative writing focus on space and place, ecologies, and language. Her poetry playfully weaves together histories of place, modernist texts, and linguistic correlations. Loll’s work has thus far been published in Adjacent Pineapple, Gutter, and is forthcoming in From Glasgow To Saturn.

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7pm, £6 (£3) on the door, Clubroom
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