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Alison Scott & Fiona Jardine Scratching the Surface: Publication Launch

Wed 30 August 2017

Scratching the Surface: Publication Launch

Join us to launch the publication with activations and performances from the contributors.

In his story The Stele from Atlantis, Lewis Grassic Gibbon explored the fantastical, pseudo-scientific idea that ancient pottery might harbour recordings. Based on this story and research in the pseudo-scientific field of archaeo-acoustics, Alison Scott and Fiona Jardine are producing a new publication and hosting a launch event with readings and activations. The project examines the relationship between vessels, encoding and recording.

Through a study of and responses to Grassic Gibbon’s text, Scratching the Surface explores the coding of storytelling, hauntings of objects and technologies, uses of analogy, relationships between books and objects as records of sound and productive relationships between notation and activation.

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6pm, Free but ticketed, Gallery
All ages
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