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Lila McKay and Lila De Magalhaes: Seance On

Sat 7 January — Sat 21 January 2012

Two art art objects on the wall

Seance On

Seance On is an exhibition by Glasgow based arist Emma McKay and Lila de Magalhaes, currently undertaking an MFA in Los Angeles, USA.

The artists will present new works loosely based on conversations surrounding ideas of communication with the dead, the mask as identity and the act of stepping over a threshold into a subtly altered reality.

"My lips felt rubbery and my eyes larger. tears were running down my cheeks, which in itself was a strange thing, since I had not cried for years. The man escorted me into another room and placed me before a mirror, saying, 'Don't be afraid. You will be pleased.'"

- Agnes Owens, A Change of Face, The Complete Short Stories, Agnes Owens (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2008)

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