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Self-Service: Screening Event

Thu 26 April 2018

Launching at CCA as part of Glasgow International 2018, Self-Service is a collaborative project led by Kirsty Hendry and Ilona Sagar produced in response to the archives of The Peckham Pioneer Centre – a radical biological social experiment for encouraging health, local empowerment, and self-organisation founded in the first half of the 20th century. Taking the form of an event series and publication, Self-Service brings together new works from Hendry, Sagar, and a range of invited collaborators and contributors to explore the history, design, and social context of welfare - examining our increasingly uneasy and technology infused relationship to health, wellbeing, and labour.

This screening programme is the first of two events that have been developed as a companion to the publication. Bringing together artist moving image works and new commissions, the programme asks; what is a good body? If there are good bodies, are there also disobedient bodies? Selected works will explore how the politics of health are tangled with ideas of compliance, prosperity, and control.

Artists include: Liz Magic Laser | Julien Previeux | Gary Zhexi Zhang | Alberta Whittle | The Leeds Animation Workshop | Kirsty Hendry | Ilona Sagar