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Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Sex Change: Shock! Horror! Probe! with TGirlsonFilm

Thu 28 September 2023

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SDH captioning

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BSL interpretation

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Old TV-like imagery with the title “Sex Change: Shock! Horror! Probe!” written in white with a distorted line underneath

Sex Change: Shock! Horror! Probe!

Thatcherite Britain, 1989 and transexuals are fighting back. Cabaret star, Adele Anderson is facing a transphobic backlash after being cruelly outed by the press. Meanwhile in Manchester, Stephanie Anne Lloyd is a successful trans business woman selling gender affirming products to a huge cross dressing clientele, with shoulder pads and gusto. The European Court faces Mark Rees as he argues his case to be legally seen as male, whilst Christine Goodwin hurtles round East London driving a bus. The first trans MP, Racheal Webb, attempts to reclaim the guardianship of her child since transitioning. Director Kristiene Clark fought back against the transphobic media, with an appeal to gender liberation.

Kristiene Clark will join us for an exclusive Q&A after the screening.

Curated by Jaye Hudson.

Content Warnings:
- Discussion of sexual assault, transphobia, surgery and suicide.

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SDH captioning

BSL interpretation

Audio description available

Live captioning

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Dir. Kristiene Clark, UK, N/C 16+, English audio