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CANCELLED Sex+ Zine X The Empowered Woman Project | Sex Positive Speed Dating

Sat 19 October 2019

Sex Positive Dating

Do you hate speed dating? Men move around, women sit down, the same questions over and over again and the pressure to choose someone at the end of the evening. It all feels just a little bit forced. So we decided to throw the rules out of the window and create something entirely new and fun. Here's what we came up with:

Make friends, not dates: when we're trying really hard to get a date, we all start to act a bit weird, so let's focus on making friends and then take it from there (if you want to?) with no pressure whatsoever! It's far more relaxed for everyone! You can't have fun if you're always thinking about meeting THE ONE!

Non-gendered seating: we know that gender is a spectrum and that some people don't identify as men or women, so we're randomly going to decide who moves around and who stays sitting down.

Sex positive: this means that we celebrate sex and sexuality in all its forms in a shame-free environment. We want sexual freedom for everyone! This includes being LGBTQ+ friendly, kink friendly, poly friendly and generally…friendly!
Body positive: all bodies are beautiful and welcome! Please contact us with any accessibility queries.

Consent & Boundaries: the easiest way to have a good time is to establish shared values and we really care about everyone feeling comfortable and safe during the evening. Therefore, we will start with a short consent and boundaries workshop.

FUN: don't worry, we've got this one covered, we're just letting you know what to expect :)


This event is a Sex+ Zine X The Empowered Woman Project Collaboration. Produced by Mini Schmidt Productions.

Kim Loliya is a coach, educator and curator specialising in sexuality, pleasure and empowerment. Kim's practitioner work at The Pleasure Institute includes working with trauma, consent, shame and relationship difficulties, offering practical pathways to cultivate more connection to ourselves and others in an increasingly disconnected world. Outside of her clinic, Kim is a speaker, facilitator and curator in the U.K and internationally and is the editor of sex+, a sex positive magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex.

About team sex+:
sex+ is an independent online + printed magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex and sexuality. We're passionate about showcasing stories that are rarely seen in mainstream media and that includes supporting the voices of marginalised groups. We believe in community-building and curate events across London and internationally that promote empathy, vulnerability and self-love in safe spaces.

About The Empowered Woman Project
Mandy Rose Jones launched the project as a platform to empower women acts and create a community of sharing without judgement. In a world full of unachievable beauty and unrealistic expectations, the project serves as a reminder to other women that they are perfect just as they are, they are seen, they are important and they matter.

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8pm, £8 (£6 students/£2 concession), Clubroom
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