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Sgàire Wood: Ongaku Tiffany

Fri 3 March — Sat 25 March 2023

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Sgaire Wood reclining at a pebbly riverbed, she is wearing a white corseted dress, sparkling eye makeup, and long curls.

Sgàire Wood

Ongaku Tiffany is an exhibition of new sculpture, sound and drawing based work positioning the decorated body and the domestic space as mirrored manifestations of the self. By simulating the grandeur of the Victorian parlour room with food, confectionery and human hair, the show pairs the sublime and the sensual to bring into question the validity of the visual performance of identity and its contingency on ornate social contract. Motivated by a desire to confront the hyper-visibility of the trans body, this exhibition also represents a departure from the artist’s mostly performance-based practice to date, exploring what it means to transcend a medium which centres the body not only as physical and intellectual generator of work, but also the site of its presentation.


Exhibition opening on Friday 3 March 6 - 9pm

Exhibition open Tue-Sat / 11am - 6pm, closed Mon/Sun

Sgàire Wood

Sgàire Wood (b. Belfast, 1993) is an Irish artist and performer based in Glasgow. Combining dance and spoken word performance with costume, makeup and set-design, Wood’s work utilises artifice and anachronism to achieve moments of authenticity and facetiously deconstruct societal taboos around mental illness, psychological trauma and trans sexuality.




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Wheelchair accessible

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Open Tue-Sat / 11am - 6pm, closed Mon/Sun