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Glasgow Small Trans Library

Small Trans Library Reading Groups

Thu 9 June 2022

Tickets no longer available
Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

An AI image resembling a plant or sea creature in shades of orange, green and blue. It looks glassy and iridescent.

An AI image generated by typing in the title of a text called She Came All Over Montreal by Deidre Darkk.

A reading group run by the Small Trans Library, with the express purpose of reading and sharing texts by trans authors.

This event will focus on collaborative close readings of a variety of alternating short texts. We will provide PDFs and print-outs of the work, and the event will begin with a live reading of the text with a view to including all modes of reading and engagement

The pieces we read will be decided collaboratively as we go. There is no clear-cut parameters for what we read, but the main point of these events will be a communal engagement with texts by/for/about trans people and trans lives.

The space will attempt to offer a warm and comfortable environment to read and discuss writing, unimpeded by the constraints of capitalist expectation. We're excited to welcome you to the space, snacks provided.


  • Thu 20 January
  • Thu 10 February (cancelled)
  • Thu 24 February
  • Thu 10 March
  • Thu 24 March
  • Thu 7 April
  • Thu 21 April
  • Thu 12 May
  • Thu 19 May
  • Thu 9 June
  • Thu 23 June
  • Thu 14 July
  • Thu 28 July
  • Thu 11 August
  • Thu 25 August

Please note

The reading group on the 10th February has had to be cancelled.




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6:45pm — 10:30pm




Free but ticketed


Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Tickets no longer available