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SMHAF19 Dramatic Shorts

Sat 4 May 2019

Take A Breath Dramatic Shorts web hpqf

Relationships are vital to overcoming mental illness, but what happens when they are also part of the problem? These innovative dramas from the UK, Australia and Europe all focus on how intimate and family bonds can both be a source of much-needed strength, as well as preventing people from moving towards recovery.

Screening Programme

Mistral, Tom Lock Griffiths, UK, 14m
Part story, part essay; Mistral weaves between dreams and recollections, as the wind rages and takes the characters close to madness.

I Love You, Victoria Thompson, Australia, 16m
An improvised drama filmed with a real life couple, exploring the impact that mental instability can have on a relationship.

Forget Me Not, Kim & Florine Nüesch, Switzerland, 15m
Set in the 1970s, two young girls struggle with their mother's bipolar disorder, which disrupts their lives and forces them to grow up early.

Segunda-Feira, Sebastião Salgado, Portugal, 15m
When Helena's son shows up unexpectedly and asks her to look after his daughter, she is forced to seek a way out of her depression.

Take a Breath, Gaston Stabiszewski, Germany, 23m
After taking care of her mentally ill mother, a tragic event forces Sara to reconnect with her brother Jan who has left the family behind.

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