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My Bookcase Socratic Dialogue

Tue 27 February 2018

Socratic dialogue

My Bookcase is taking up residency in the CCA Creative Lab, Glasgow, and welcome you to join for a group thinking session using the Socratic Dialogue format.

Socratic Dialogues aim for the creation of creative thought by offering a space for dialogue where everyone is able to philosophise and each member is valued as an important part of the group thinking.

The Socratic Dialogue as we know it today, started at the beginning of the 20th century by a group of German philosophers who wanted to make abstract knowledge (academic) into something more concrete and shared. By going back to Socrates' time, they adapted his traditional Dialogue into a framework that supports thinking together in contrast to a fragmented and individual study.

The values of the Socratic Dialogue are:
– We are moral creatures and we need shared values.
– Formulating a question collectively is the first step towards the creation of knowledge.
– Concrete personal experiences can lead to the creation of knowledge.
– The art of listening can bring you out of automatized thought.
– All thought can be inspiring.
– Everyone is able to philosophize.

The Socratic Dialogues at CCA are part of The reader’s workshop, a nomadic project, taking place with different groups across Glasgow, Catalunya and the Netherlands. Each dialogue explores from a different angle reading as thinking and the book as a thought.

With the support of Sala d'Art Jove.

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5pm, Free but ticketed, Creative Lab
Book online / 0141 352 4900