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Carrie Skinner

let the music play on and on and on and on and on and on and on

Fri 12 July — Sun 18 August 2019

Carrie Skinner

“This Life, among these familiar objects. I am this, I am that. I am the radio, I am the door, I am the door and the door is me. I pass through it and it passes through me. I was arriving. I was pulling up. I was entering ‘room’, dropping ‘I’.”

let the music play on and on and on and on and on and on and on is a variable, ongoing event. It plays with the experience of attending a gallery space, bringing together a series of nonactors, objects and choreographies. The performance can be accessed online and repeated visits to the space are encouraged. It will change via different bodies, loops, objects and technologies, deliveries and voices, across 893 hours.

The work is a continuation of Carrie Skinner’s 2017 performance on the waves of the air, there is dancing out there. Set outside The Telfer Gallery building, it played with the anticipation of waiting for a ‘performance’ to begin and closed with Barry White’s Let the Music Play, a song which speaks of singing and dancing as a distraction or a way of dealing with loss and absence. Carrie has ongoing interest in the repetitive gestures, loops and beats in disco tracks.

Carrie Skinner is interested in how performance events occupy different kinds of spaces, paying special attention to supposed beginnings and endings, and which details and gestures are paid attention to. Her work often focuses on the psychological and temporal experience of attending a performance, where props and ‘backstage’ are utilised in strategies of distraction, using playful deceptions and quiet diversions to upend the audience’s expectations in relation to time, duration and point of access.

You can visit the gallery in person or to view online from Fri 12 July, please go to

Developed and produced with Romany Dear, Michael Ebert-Hanke, Andy Edwards, Sinead Hargan, Ross Mann, Alexander Storey Gordon, Jen Sykes and Titan Props Glasgow.




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