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Kirsty Hendry & Scottish Gut Project

Speaking Parts | Scottish Gut Project Workshop

Fri 16 December 2022

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Relaxed event

Relaxed event

A mauve and black image of photocopies spread across a table—a mix of text and images describing the body.

Speaking Parts Workshop

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This event was originally scheduled for Fri 25 Nov, all original tickets remain valid.

Speaking Parts is a collaborative workshop led by Scottish Gut Project artist Kirsty Hendry that will explore the ways we communicate with our guts and vice-versa.

The sound your guts make is called ‘borborygmi’—stemming from ‘wafting up’, ‘bubbling water’, the italian ‘borbottare’ can mean to grumble, mutter, or gripe. Does the gut only communicate when it’s complaining? You and your gut may share the same tongue, but do you speak the same language?

For this session Kirsty will be joined by collaborators Joe Howe— composer, performer and sound artist—and graphic designer Lucy Watkins. Through a series of prompts and exercises, together we’ll devise playful ways of scoring and transcribing the gut through sound, image, and improvisation.

Vegan lunch provided

The Scottish Gut Project the first research project to examine the mind-gut axis from an arts and humanities perspective and is led by Dr Manon Mathias (University of Glasgow) and Dr Elsa Richardson (University of Strathclyde)—researchers who work on the cultural history of health and wellbeing.

The Scottish Gut Project is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.




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Relaxed event

Tickets no longer available