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SQIFF 2019 SQIFF Shorts: Gross Out

Sun 6 October 2019

SQIFF Shorts Gross Out mn9h

With supposed tolerance and acceptance of LGBT people in western public life comes enforced sanitisation and respectability. Straight society pats itself on the back for allowing (some of) us to get married and feature in shiny corporate advertising but is still repelled by our bodies and sex lives. To counter the continued suppression of fleshly and carnal appetites and practices, we went on a hunt for the grossest, most yucky films we could find.

Featuring experimental musing on why we find our bodies disgusting and scary; some gay sex-tinged body horror; literal shit in a variety of forms; and a performance involving an empty stomach and a large jar of honey. Please note this programme requires resilience for what some would consider stomach-churning and gruesome imagery.

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