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SQIFF18 SQIFF Shorts: Floofy Friends

Thu 6 December 2018


Indulging our obsession with cutesy animals, we present a gay goldfish, genderqueer spotted hyena, an affair between a dorky fox and a hunky wolf, and a somewhat unfortunate cat. This selection of shorts reflects on the non-human as allegories for our own queer lives, mediators of family discord, and source of philosophical contemplation of race, gender, and the human condition. Please note that although we have used the word ‘floofy’ in the title, the programme contains violence enacted both by and on the animal protagonists. Vegetarians and vegans in particular should view with caution.

Films in Greek, English, and Swedish languages with English language subtitles/captions. Hearing loop available. Films rely on visual material to convey ideas and the majority are non-English language, so less accessible for blind and partially sighted audiences.

Large print versions of handouts available.

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