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SQIFF18 SQIFF Shorts: Overcome

Thu 6 December 2018

Overcome lzmq

Strong narratives of queer characters who are occasionally overcome but mostly do the overcoming are contained in this programme of gutsy shorts. A trans man is bullied when his gender is outed at a new workplace, a queer woman faces homophobic banter at her hair salon, a trans woman visits the family home after her mother’s death and struggles with revealing her true self, as another trans woman searches for love and community after moving to Berlin from San Francisco. Each protagonist uses courage and determination to express themselves and survive.

Films in English, German, and Chinese languages with English language subtitles/captions. Hearing loop available. Films rely on visual material to convey ideas and two out of four films are non-English language, so less accessible for blind and partially sighted audiences.

Large print versions of handouts available.

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