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SQIFF18 The Wild Search

Fri 7 December 2018

The Wild Search 3 c8z4

A documentary film crew follows another documentary film crew as they attempt to understand the mating habits of San Francisco lesbians. A tour-de-force of queer women and genderqueer sex, The Wild Search is the ultimate pomo-homo-porno. An early work from powerhouse Shine Louise Houston and her company, Pink & White Productions, known for its championing of indie porn filmmaking and honest depiction of queer desire.

Screening with short Shiny Jewels (14 mins), in which Shine Louise Houston speaks with Shine Louise Houston and her co-director Shine Louise Houston about a day in the life of an adult filmmaker.

Films in the English language with English language subtitles/captions. Hearing loop available.

Films rely a lot on visual material to convey ideas, so are less accessible for blind and partially sighted audiences. Large print versions of handouts available.

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