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Present Futures

STEADY BODY; peripheral dances, sacred gestures | Ana Pi

Sat 24 June 2023

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A performer dancing in front of a B&W image of people at turntable. They wear a hooded yellow & lime jumpsuit.

STEADY BODY © Pierre Ricci

This event takes place at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Wallace Studios, 210 Garscube Rd, Glasgow G4 9RR

The complex ensemble of Afro-diasporic dances is one of the most enduring ancestral technologies of resistance that we know nowadays. These manifestations, reinvented by the black population where we now understand as the American Continent and the Caribbean territories, were for a long time categorized as folkloric, ethnic, social, popular, rural or even urban, so that some studies could be performed. Many of these investigations, by prioritizing “museification” dynamics, through the logics of what is or isn’t collectible or editable, ended up hiding what remains most sophisticated and free in these emancipation practices.

In order to cultivate and expand that knowledge by the timeless and live approach, I have been guiding study sessions of these dances that I walk with in my dna and in my professional road. Through the lab called - STEADY BODY; peripheral dances, sacred gestures - we’ll essay the various component layers of these radical movements in what is common to all: futurity, groove, tension, recodification, and image traveling. By experiencing different traditional axes and artistic regimes, each journey will be the opportunity to dive inside the histories, major figures, aesthetics, crossroads between poetics and politics of invisibility and the steady body.

We will collectively and creatively share the methodological and dramaturgical issues that guided the making of some of the latest pièces and essays, such as The Divine Cypher, RAW ON, èscultura, O BΔNQUETE and NoirBLUE, to observe possible crossings with actual contexts. While we transpire together with those Afro-Atlantic choreographic information, that reorganize the contemporary’s World imaginaries and repair in beauty the word: navigation.”

Attendees will experience the African-diasporic body knowledge and its relationship with balance, rhythm, composition and health, among others. The practice is open to all audiences. Please bring with you: Bottles of water, comfortable clothes and pen/paper.


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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Wallace Studios, 210 Garscube Rd, Glasgow G4 9RR


10:00am — 1:00pm




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Tickets no longer available