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Celtic Connections 2023

Stina Marie Claire and Raveloe

Fri 3 February 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

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Stina Marie Claire

Stina Marie Claire is the new solo project of singer/songwriter Stina Tweeddale aka Honeyblood. She presents her new EP A Souvenir of a Terrible Year accompanied by live strings.

Stina developed this project with the support of her fans throughout 2020 while she was unable to tour and record with her supporting live band. It's a significant departure from her usual rock-pop sound. Returning to her DIY roots, Stina delivers heart-wrenchingly poignant bedroom pop. Her songs are fuelled with vulnerable, tender lyrics which are fitting of current times. A Souvenir of a Terrible Year encapsulates what the EP is for - the fans who helped support and develop it, and what it is for Honeyblood as an artist. This is an EP created with and for her fans throughout a terrible and turbulent time. Stina showcases her songwriting talents like never beofre as she brings this collection of songs to life with the help of live strings.

Raveloe is the project of Glasgow songwriter Kim Grant. She found the moniker within the pages of the book Silas Marner, which is about a reclusive weaver who lives in a town called Raveloe. Grant identified with the idea of being a weaver of words and music and the concept of creating a fictional world to tell stories within. Being inspired by magical-realism, folk and indie rock, Raveloe is a fusion of sounds filled with rich images exploring themes of temporality, duality, home, pain and love. Growing up in the industrial town of Motherwell and now living in Glasgow the juxtaposition of urban life and the natural environment are entwined in the songs as is the magic and the mundane.

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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available