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Studio Pop Remaking the City: Dialogues on Social Form and Open City between Glasgow and Barcelona

Sat 22 July 2017

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STUDIO POP is developing a unique civic platform called DOT TO DOT© that connects people with local projects - dots to crowdfund, design, co-develop and ultimately reactivate ecologically derelict places. DOT TO DOT© is a social innovation, which recently received the Year of Innovation Architecture and Design Award 2016, Young Social Innovation Award and most recently the Stalled Spaces Award 2017. It is going to be tested and piloted in Maryhill and the Canal / Firhill basin. This is a unique combination of ecological design, social technology and community-led initiatives that aims to transform waste into a social value and recover urban voids through digital community empowerment.

Community Architects (Arquitectos de Cabecera _AC) is a methodology born out of an academic project at ETSAB in 2013. Working on the city and focusing on collective housing, the methodology aims to bring architects closer to citizens. It does so by addressing their needs and demonstrating the architect's utility in society, generating synergies between universities, social collectives and administrations in the midst of an economic and social crisis. AC methodology aims to be an open source tool. The 2017 workshop takes place in River Besos, a strategic border area between different cities near Barcelona.

This event invites you to take part in a discussion between Glasgow and Barcelona and reflect on how citizens can be engaged in remaking by building better environments.




6pm, Free but ticketed, Clubroom
All ages
Book online / 0141 352 4900