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Take Me Somewhere Brexit Means Brexit!

Tue 14 May 2019

Take Me Somewhere

Palestinian choreographer Farah Saleh and Professor Victoria Tischler are investigating the collective mental health of the residents in the UK since the Brexit vote. Looking at what led to that vote, but more importantly in what is happening right now: the fear, anger, polarization of the society, the explicit racism and most importantly, what will happen next.

Where is the threshold between democracy and dictatorship in fear-led campaigns? What does Brexit entail on a personal level for the 'remoaners' who have been branded liberal hysterics, those who consider themselves citizens of the world, but also for those who voted to leave? Do you feel targeted? Are you feeling the tension of Brexit? How does that fear manifest itself, physically, emotionally and socially?

Through movement, text and film, this performance and discussion explores the rising nationalism and racism around the world; and reflects, with you, on ways of working together to build collective resilience.

Farah Saleh is a Palestinian Scotland-based dancer and choreographer. She is currently an Associate Artist at Dance Base in Edinburgh.


Choreography: Farah Saleh
Research: Farah Saleh and Prof. Victoria Tischler
In collaboration with the dancers: Robert Hesp and Tanja Erhart
Costume design: Jill Skulina
Commissioned by: PS/Y for Hysteria
First research period was with Candoco Dance Company.

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