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Take Me Somewhere: Ultimate Dancer For Now We See Through a Mirror, Darkly

Wed 23 May 2018

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This eerie choreography of confusion has been created in collaboration and performed with Jo Hellier and Peter McMaster. The performance includes a Visual Description developed in collaboration with Juliana Capes, which is aimed at describing and interpreting that which cannot be seen, but is present.

It is a bright space, light spring from deep below and from behind. There is nowhere to hide. There are 3 obscured vertical figures; a blood sack, a towering meat stack (or stink horn) and a jelly beast. The 3 figures signify the 3 different fires in the work: The inner fire, the secret fire and the dark fire that stimulates the other two. Four winds blow through and it is time to journey through the gloom. This highly cryptic pictorial world can be placed under the slogan of its favourite motif – a smiling snake, a dying sun and the gentle droppings of unclean slime. Sometimes the image will spin into the abyss, and sometimes stand at the centre, and sometimes it spreads flat into broad space.

Dark matter is brought to life through great heat and distilled up to twelve times. This phase lasts for a long time so one should be patient. The terror of the situation gives us a moist hug and the most fabulous sphere of wrath, for it is here that the chaotic blood tunnel opens and we visualise the golden nugget. Evocation at its best, for now we see through a mirror, darkly.


Choreography: Louise Ahl
Created and performed by: Jo Hellier, Peter McMaster and Ultimate Dancer
Visual Description: Company in collaboration with Juliana Capes
Amplifier: Nick Anderson
Dramaturgy: Crystal Cooper

Developed through the National Theatre of Scotland’s Starter Programme (supported by McGlashan Charitable Trust), The Work Room, Beacon Arts Centre and Reykjavik Dance Festival. Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

Double ticket deal available with MOOT MOOT at The Art School (21:00 - 22:00) - £18/£12 - please book via eventbrite.

Part of Take Me Somewhere 2018.

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12+ when accompanied by an adult
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