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Take One Action: Soyalism

Wed 25 September 2019


Food production has increasingly become huge business for a handful of giant corporations. How do we re-prioritise workers’ rights, animal welfare and environmental sustainability?

Through interviews with workers from China, Brazil, the US and Mozambique, Soyalism lays bare the many land rights and labour rights violations at the heart of the pork industry. It offers an incisive overview of a deliberately complex system – and the ecological and social ramifications of such enormous concentration of power in the hands of Western and Chinese companies.

Soyalism also provides an eye-opening and urgent reminder of the crucial role workers, consumers and campaigners, wherever they are, can play in solidarity with communities across the world, who are fighting to protect their rights.

(Enrico Parenti & Stefano Liberti | Italy | 2018 | 65 min | English)
Screening with:
And That Is How Rivers Came To Be (Miguel Araoz Cartagena | Canada / USA / Peru | 2019 | 4 min)
Circuit (Delia Hess | Switzerland | 2018 |9 min)
Dulce (Guille Isa & Angello Faccini | USA / Colombia | 2018 | 11min)

Join us after the film as we dream up a food system that respects people and planet.

BREAK BREAD WITH US: The screening will be followed by a meal at Project Café, cooked by Slow Food Glasgow. Separate booking required - please visit


Presented in association with UNISON Scotland & Slow Food Glasgow.

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