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TalkSeePhotography Incubator The Photograph, a Stage, by Katy Hundertmark and Dr. Patricia Allmer

Mon 11 February 2019

Talk See Photography katyhundertmark TSP 0ca4

Join us for a talk about the photographic medium and its performative nature by Katy Hundertmark and Dr. Patricia Allmer. Throughout this talk Hundertmark will introduce her work and ongoing research into modes of constructing images within the gallery space, while having a closer look at the history of the staged photograph and it´s entanglements within theatre, moving image and literature.

Hundertmark graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a Master of Letters in Photography and Moving Image in 2016 and has developed a specific interest in the threshold of the visual and performing arts. Her work often takes the shape of installations examining the tension between the still, the staged, the real and the constructed through photography, sculpture, film and performance. Recent exhibitions include Projects 18: Fresh Focus´at Stills Centre For Photography andTrembling´ a solo show at DOK Artist Space in Leith

Dr. Patricia Allmer is a leading scholar of surrealism, its modern traditions, and contemporary legacies and professor at Edinburgh College of Art. She curated and edited the catalogue for the award- winning major exhibition 'Angels of Anarchy: Women Artist and Surrealism (Manchester: 2009) and her most recent exhibition and publication project was '4 Saints in 3 Acts: A snapshot of the American Avant-garde in the 1930´s' at The Photographers´ Gallery in London (2017-18). Allmer will respond to Hundertmarks work from a theoretical point of view while connecting to thoughts and research that went into the latest issue of `Studies in Photography´dedicated to Photography and Performance, which she co-edited.




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