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TalkSeePhotography The Conditions of Artistic Creation: Making Ends Meet

Mon 8 April 2019

Talk See Photography

TSP’s April event discusses the economic conditions of creating. We will have a representative of the Scottish Artists Union in attendance. We have borrowed part of its title “The Condition of Artistic Creation” from the 1976 essay By TJ Clark. In this essay which really is a critique of art history TJ Clark advocates a need to see established a hierarchy of resources available to the artists and gather facts about patronage, art-dealing, status and ideology. In a climate of policy structured funding, an increasing amount of organisations that administrate that funding and a limited job market, artists often balance on a seesaw between the right to get paid for work done and the desire to make and contribute to discourse. Artist rights to fees are forfeited by unfunded platforms (such as for example TSP) and many funded artist initiatives are programmed on volunteer basis and yet others take the choice to underpay to be able to carry out projects. The list is long…

SAU is a grassroots organisation who work to defend/expand artists’ rights and benefits to make a professional career in the arts sustainable. Learn more about the Union’s work, campaigns and workshops, and raise issues of concern specific to your practice as a photographer working in Scotland.




7pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema
All ages
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