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Tartan Features Beyond Year Zero - Blood Junkies

Fri 22 March 2019

Blood junkies Event 1 WEB 3mpm

Blood Junkies - Scotland's original DIY feature from 1993:


Scotland's ultimate cult film, lost for nearly 20 years is now returning from the dead, to be screened alongside a Q+A with the director, Bruce Naughton at our Beyond Year Zero 4 day event in March

'Beyond Year Zero' is a 4 day Tartan Features event covering Part of the Glasgow Fringe Film Festival 2019

Event 1 – Friday 22nd March 18:30 - 21:30 Blood Junkies - Scotland’s Original DIY Feature with Q+A

Lost for over 20 years, this is a rare opportunity to see Scotland’s ultimate cult film , discover how it was made and the astonishing story of what happened after.

An evening of DIY filmmaking with a Q+A by director Bruce Naughton, a 35 minute ‘Making Of’ featurette and a supporting scene-setting experimental documentary short.

Running order:

Introduction 18:30

18:35 – 19:00 Object Subject – Sacha Kahir, 2007, Documentary - 23 minutes
19:00- 19:05 – Introduction by Bruce Naughton /Keith Bradley
19:05 – 19:40 - Blood Junkies – Making Of - 35 minutes
19:40 – 20:50 - Blood Junkies (feature) – 70 minutes
20:50 – 21:30 - Q+A with director Bruce Naughton – 30 ish minutes


Object\Subject - Pilton Video Edinburgh // Documentary, Sacha Kahir, 2007

A whirlwind study of lives on the margins and in the footnotes of Edinburgh's recent history. Edinburgh - the overdeveloped world’s first city of the split personality, home of Jekyll and Hyde, reason, science, grave robbing, economics and heroin.
Edinburgh produces 90% of the world’s legal medical heroin and in the 1980s was the AIDS capital of Europe. This experimental and highly stylized film explores the economics of heroin and the poverty industry, and how the fragments of people’s lives connect to dramatic global events.

Blood Junkies – ‘Making Of’ // Documentary, Keith Bradley, 1993, 35 minutes (The‘making of’ Blood Junkies. Please note this is sourced from a very low quality source.

Blood Junkies // Feature, Bruce Naughton, 1993, 70 minutes

Blood Junkies - Scotland's original DIY feature from 1993:

Scotland's ultimate cult film, lost for over 20 years is now returning from the dead.

From ‘The List’, 1994:

“Brigadoon, it certainly isn’t. There’s an evil spirit draining the blood from junkies on a run-down Scottish housing estate, a series of events tht leads a local doctor to the sleazy drug orgies held by the mysteries Sir Ruari. No kilts and fey comedies in the world of Blood Junkies “ the influences here aren’t Bill Forsyth and Sandy Mackendrick, more like Roger Corman, Fred Olen Ray and Hammer”

Writer –director Bruce Naughton and producer Keith Bradley were keen to make a straight to video that would have enough commercial edge to make some money, but would also be appreciated by friends and neighbours in Pilton and Muirhouse where the project originated”

But it all went horribly wrong as their equally lost website stated:

Q: So what's the deal? I remember reading about Bloodjunkies YEARS ago in Film Threat, Total Film etc.

A: Yes, Bloodjunkies was made years ago. We sold it to an American distributor

Q: Lucky Huh? Big Yankee Dollars

A: That's what we thought, BUT who we sold it to was a front for a "Religious Right" organisation who bought "Santanic Films" and then didn't release them!

Q: You are joking right?

A: We wish. BZ video distribuiton (American pronoucation as in Bee Zee as in Beezeelbub, geddit) based out of Omaha, Nebraska.

Q: And?

Well, you'll have to come along to hear the full story….

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