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Aimee Campbell: Tender Brink

Mon 22 October — Sat 10 November 2012

A small paper collage with the words "-Du -Du -Du -Du"

Tender Brink - Aimee Campbell

Aimee Campbell's work centres around the process of stop motion animation. Everyday objects shakily traverse the landscape of her studio accompanied by fragments of late night telly conversations and repeated snippets of half-remembered pop songs. Recently, she has been interested in returning to the roots of her practice - flickbooks, drawings and collage. her new work, specifically created for the Intermedia space, will be an exploration of the more intuitive aspects of animation and drawing.

Aimee Campbell's recent exhibitions include, Can't You See I'm Thinking with Lila de Magalhaes at The Duchy Gallery, The Queen is Dead, a group show at The Vic Gallery and When I shit I look at Andy Warhol Pictures, a group show at the Kinning Park Complex.

Part of the Intermedia Gallery programme.
Exact start date of exhibition unknown.

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