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The Village Storytelling Festival

The Boy with the Moon on His Forehead

Wed 6 July 2022

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BSL interpretation

BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

ta Brand, is speaking mid-performance facing and gesturing towards the right. She has short dark hair.

Image credit: Chris Werrett

Sita Brand

Join international storyteller Sita Brand as you enter the world of enchantment. You will be transported to ancient India for a story of love, disguise and betrayal.

A little known fairy tale comes alive in this rich retelling where magic happens. A rich and powerful king has six wives but is unhappy that he has no son. Then one day he meets Lakshmi, a young girl who the astrologers have foretold will have a son. A boy with a moon on his forehead and a star on his chin. Jealous of her beauty and youth, the older wives transpire to kill the child. He is buried alive.

The boy survives with the aid of the King’s dog by swallowing the child. How will the boy survive? Will he ever return home? Will the King avenge his son?

This retelling is an experiment in using metaphor and how myths and stories are a projection of our collective unconscious. The story will make you question what you need to swallow in order to save, how you love and nurture, and how love protects us. After the performance there will also be a Q & A to explore the themes and archetypes present in the fairy tale.

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BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available