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The Glasgow Jam Improvisation Workshop with Andrew Morrish

Sat 12 May — Sun 13 May 2018

The Glasgow Jam Improvisation Workshop

Andrew takes a “skills and spirit’ approach to teaching improvisation.

We will engage in the skills of engagement necessary to find content from breath, voice, movement and the imagination and we will amplify these skills using the spirit of communication necessary to engage an audience.

We will start with movement and then add voice, breath and imagination. We will constantly explore the spirit of communication as a motivation for choice making. Through this process participants develop the skills of generation and shaping content whilst working between physical and vocal modes. We will also develop a specific form of feedback that will support us in performance. When combined, these elements form a reflective practice that Andrew believes is essential in the development of consistency in solo improvisational performance. Participants are encouraged to become their own editor in performance, using the skills of shifting their point of attention, developing texture and maintaining clarity.

Participants should also come expecting to enjoy themselves.

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11am-5pm, £70 for both days, Creative Lab
To book please email / 0141 352 4900