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The Glasgow school of art/ Rudy Kanhye The study space for group work

Wed 20 March 2019

Rudy cs91

Asset Mapping (Contributed by: caroline woolard and Susan Jahoda)

Participatory Asset Mapping enables communities to build political power through self-reliance and shared resources. It entails the self-identification of community assets, meaning that the community is not the object of external research.

The lesson plan describes the introduction to the practice, the use of it as a tool, and how to integrate the mapping into your practice.

How do we operate from a place of abundance rather than scarcity? Can we utilise the skills, strengths, and resources that already exist in our classrooms to respect and support each other’s work? Could this process of exchange lead to a more vibrant cultural ecology resulting in everyone ending up with more than they started with? Will our exchanges create opportunities for the unsettling of institutional norms that shape what it means to be an artist?

The study space for group work is a series of events, workshops and artist talks looking at collaborative methods, participatory art and group dialogue.

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