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The Moving Voice Laboratory

Tue 19 February 2019

The Moving Voice Laboratory

The Moving Voice Laboratory is a series of workshops focusing on storytelling through movement, sound and text, and on the synergy of these elements.

The sessions will include work on voice and movement anatomy, as well as how our movement affects our voice, duet and solo improvisation and text work. We will focus on the investigation of our individual movement and voice qualities, the ways these speak to and meld with one another.

Within each session there will be time for technical work, play, instant composition and for observation/discussion on the stories our bodies can create.

Reservations for the sessions are essential. To book a place please contact

Who are the sessions for?

This series is for anyone interested in investigating their vocal and physical potential. Experience in moving and/or vocalising is not essential, however, a willingness to move, make sound, be creative and experiment is!

Who am I?

Zoe Katsilerou is a physical performer, singer and visual artist who works with theatre companies and institutions across Greece, England and Scotland. She is an associate artist with DUENDE and Suramedura and SBC Theatre. Her work includes movement, language, live and recorded music and storytelling.

Zoe trained as a classical musician (pianist), folk singer, street performer, actor and dancer. She studied Applied Music Education (University of Macedonia) and street and physical theatre (Ougka Klara) in Greece. In 2016, she completed an MLitt in Theatre Practices (University of Glasgow), within which she undertook practice based research exploring the relationship between voice and physicality in performance. Her practice includes physical and vocal training, improvisation and the layering of these as a way of embodying language and storytelling.

Zoe's practice includes movement and voice training. It focuses on the relationship between these elements through the use of choreography and text work and her creative process draws strongly on the use of improvisation and studio based research. As a singer, Zoe specialises in traditional, polyphonic Greek and Eastern European songs. Her current project is collecting and recording lullabies from around the world as a protest against cultural discrimination. Zoe often creates installations to go along her performances, as a way of highlighting her observations of the world. She works with forms of poetry, echoes of mythology and movement to reflect on events of the everyday.

Since 2010, Zoe has performed and collaborated with a variety of companies and artists including SBC Theatre, Third Angel, Alexis Teplin and NoVan Theatre Group. She has also taught at theatres and institutions including the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the Glasgow School of Art, the University of Glasgow, The Bunbury Banter Theatre, Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Stagecoach, Oldham University.

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