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Cryptic Nights

The Rapture of Cellular Accretion // Take Flight

Wed 8 June — Fri 10 June 2022

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Large print

Large print

An abstract pattern.

Artwork by Al White.

A collaborative multidisciplinary installation, The Rapture of Cellular Accretion documents the sharing of unlisted YouTube music playlists between two unnamed characters, leaving a digital imprint that comes to haunt future visitors. The work explores how we navigate complex versions of ourselves as we journey between the virtual and the real, using quilting, blankets and tapestries to create something that is domestic, intimate and tactile.

Lucy Duncombe is an artist, composer and former student of BSc in Natural Sciences with The Open University. Her interests lie in exploring the legacy of voice-based technologies, using performance as a modality to understand and extend the voice beyond its ‘natural’ parameters through vocal processing, cloning, transcription and editing.

Al White is a visual artist based in Glasgow working across drawing, print and digital image. As well as producing artwork within the underground electronic music scene, he also runs his own project, 'CRUDEX' which acts as a platform to distribute his artwork.


Take Flight
is an installation and performance piece that explores our concept of home and identity. Conversations recorded with Watson’s father are heard throughout the music where he discusses his experiences growing up in 1970’s Northern Ireland. Various questions are asked, including the effect of political conflict on his sense of nationality and his relationship with the place he grew up. Through these conversations, Watson aims to investigate the differences she and her father experienced growing up in the same place, from post peace to the troubles.

Toraigh Watson produces experimental music, ambient soundscapes and installations, taking inspiration from everyday environments and people’s relationship with place. She blends recordings of conversations, acoustic instruments, electronic instruments and field recordings to create narrative and experimental melodies.




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Wheelchair accessible

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